Pluto's Quest system involves a variety of tasks that may be completed in the duration of rounds. The rewards for completing quests are dependent on the type of quest.

After completing a quest, a countdown will start which signifies how long it will be until another quest will begin.

Press F1 and go to the "Pluto" section in order to enable Quest progress display on the hud.

Hourlies are quests where the player has one hour to complete them before they are replaced. They typically offer mediocre rewards.

Quest Condition Notes
Cemented Kill people rightfully in one round without jumping Jumping before getting the first kill does not affect the quest.
Clubber Hit people rightfully with a melee, then kill them.
Flawless Victory Win as a group of 3 or more traitors without anyone dying.
Floor Licker Rightfully kill players with weapons found on the floor.
Grounded Kill people rightfully in a row from the same spot. Moving within a small area will not reset the quest.
Hitman Rightfully one-shot players in a single round.
Survivor Win rounds in a row without dying.
Swiss Army Traitor Get a rightful kill with a melee, primary, and secondary in one round.
Unstoppable Get rightful kills in quick succession.

Reward Pool

Completing an Hourly Quest may reward the player with any of the following items:

Dailies are quests in which the player has a full day to complete them. They typically offer decent rewards.

Quest Condition Notes
Invulnerable Kill people rightfully while at full health.
Last Stand Kill people rightfully while below 30 health.
Medic Heal missing health.
Mr. Rich Spend role credits.
Noob Crusher Crush people rightfully without movement abilities. Goomba stomping, pushing players off ledges, and prop killing count towards this quest.
Perfect Crime Prevent the bodies of your victims from being discovered.

Reward Pool

Completing a Daily Quest may reward the player with any of the following items:

Weeklies are quests that stay for a full week before being replaced. Completing a weekly will often greatly reward the player.

Quest Condition Notes
Craftsman Craft weapons with 4 or more Modifiers.
Bold Killer Identify innocents immediately after rightfully killing them.
Final Fight Kill people after the end of the round.
Incinerator Burn people to death rightfully.
The Collector Collect currencies from mini-events.
The Greater Good Use Inevitable, Promised, and Unusual Weapons in crafting.
Traitor Tracker Collect the DNA of living Traitors.

Reward Pool

Completing a Weeky Quest may reward the player with any of the following items:

Some Events contain special quests where players may obtain event-related Uniques. Event quests can only be done at specific times during the year.

Quest Condition Reward Notes
Ghost Buster Kill ghosty bois. Jack-o'-Lantern Halloween quest that involves killing 269 Spirits.
Operation Cheer Hit a Total Cheer Level of 1000. Snowball Shooter Christmas quest that is server-wide.
Proper Etiquette T-Bag people you have killed. Jiggly Crowbar Joke quest as part of the April Fools event.
S.A.N.T.A. Supreme Deliver 100 Toys Dart Pistol Christmas Quest that involves delivering toys to other players during the Operation Cheer Event Round.


Questlines are a series of quests in which one quest must be done first in order to unlock further quests.

Main Article: Path of the Jedi.

Questline that is part of the May the Fourth seasonal Event.

There are three quests, each rewarding a different type of Lightsaber.