Prefix Modifiers are represented as bars at the top of most Weapons. They apply basic stat increases.

Suffix Modifiers are represnted as text at the bottom of most Weapons. They generally add new abilities or change how a weapon performs overall.

View the modifier spreadsheet to view the percentages of all modifiers and their tiers.


Modifier Effect
Capacity Mag size is increased by X%.
Damage Damage is increased by X%.
Min. Range Damage dropoff starts X% farther.
Range Damage dropoff ends X% farther.
Recoil Recoil is decreased by X%.
Reload Speed Reload speed is increased by X%.
RPM RPM is increased by X%.
Spread Spread is decreased by X%.


Modifier Effect
Bleeding Converts X% of your damage to bleed on hit.
Crippling Has an X% chance to cripple on hit.
Greed After a righteous kill, will show currencies within X meters for X seconds.
Marksmanship Consecutive hits do X% more damage.
Protection After a righteous kill, you gain X suit armor.
Recycling You gain X% of the bullets you hit back after kill.
Rejuv After a righteous kill, heal X% of your health over X seconds.
The Eagle Slows everything within X meters after aiming down sights for 2 seconds.
The Inferno Spawns a flame that does X% of this gun's damage per second.
The Leech Damage is lowered by X%. X% of damage is returned as health.
Toxicity Converts X% of your damage and amplifies it by X% poison on hit,