The Inventory is the pop-up menu that the player uses to manage their items. It is opened and closed by pressing I.

The base inventory consists of 36 storage slots and 36 buffer slots. Items in the buffer slots can be moved into the storage slots for later use. Another 36 storage slots may be added upon using a Coin.png Coin.

To remove an item from the inventory, make sure it is not locked. Then, click "Destroy Item." A Tier Shard of the same rarity has a chance of being obtained.


The Loadout is the area in which all currently equipped items are displayed. There are two ways to equip an item:

  1. Drag the item into its respective slot. See image on right.
  2. Right-click the item then select "Equip."

In order to equip cosmetic items, click the button in the top left of the Loadout menu. Swap back to weapons by clicking the button again.

Three weapon lodouts and three cosmetic loadouts may be saved in order to quickly switch to them. To save items to a loadout, swap to the loadout then start equipping the desired items.


Access the Trading tab in order to trade items and currencies with other players.

To start a trade, find a player in the "Start Trade" section then click their name.

Nine items (weapons, models, etc) may be added to a single trade, and three different Currencies may be added to a single trade. When both parties agree to a trade, click "Accept." See image on right.

Past trades are logged and may be viewed.


Main Article: Guide:Crafting 101.



Currency can be automatically rolled in mass quantities via the Currency section of the Crafting tab.

How it works:

  1. Put the gun that needs to be rolled into the slot on the left.
  2. Click the "?" icon to select a Currency item.
  3. Input the maximum amount of Currency to be spent on rolling the weapon below the Currency icon.
  4. Select a Modifier to be guaranteed.
    1. Clicking the Modifier name brings up a menu of all Modifiers to select from.
  5. Add another Modifier and repeat step 4 or move onto the next step.
  6. Input when to stop rolling the weapon.
  7. Click the "Use currency" button.


Throughout rounds, various Currency items can be found. They may be viewed via the Currency tab.

Currencies are broken into three categories:

  1. Modify - Used to modify weapons.
  2. Item Boxes - Open to obtain an item.
  3. Misc. - Other usage.
Hovering over a Currency displays information on it.


The status of all current Quests are displayed in this tab.

Quests are broken into four categories based upon how long they last:

  1. Hourly
  2. Daily
  3. Weekly
There are also Unique quests, which appear during Events.

Main Article: Divine Market.

The Donate tab provides a link to donate in order to keep the Pluto servers alive and a monthly donation goal of $150 USD. It also includes a message from Meepen. See image on right.