Implicits are a type of Modifier that is displayed at the top of Weapons, above all else. Implicits typically involve how Currency items are applied or obtained.

Implicit Craft With Effect
Coined Coin.png Coin Gives 13% more currency rewards per maximum modifier.
Diced Dice.png Reflective Die Rolls better numbers on modifiers.
Dropletted Tear.png Magical Droplet Droplets can roll all modifiers
Handed Hand.png Yaari's Taking Modifiers roll one tier lower 50% of the time
Hearted Heart.png Mara's Heart Has an extra affix slot.
Tomed Tome.png Arizor's Tome Allows the gun to be tomed without there being a 100% chance of being corrupted.

Implicit How to Obtain Effect
Corrupted Use an Tome.png Arizor's Tome on any weapon without the Tomed implicit. Prevents further modification.
Mirrored Mirror.png Mara's Mirror on any weapon. Prevents further modification.
Star Seeker Purchase a Star Hunter, Star Chaser, or Mystical weapon from the Divine Market. Stardust falls from the heavens after every kill.
Touch of the Arcane Use an Tome.png Arizor's Tome on any weapon with the Tomed implicit. N/A
Untradeable Suggest a Model that gets added to the game. Prevents the item from being listed on the Divine Market or traded to other players.