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This guide's aim is to help you get started on the Garry's Mod TTT server It will cover all of the server's basics and direct you to other guides/pages for more detailed and in-depth information.


After joining the server, press I to open the Inventory. From here, Weapons, Models, and other items may be equipped.

Tab brings up the scoreboard, where all players are displayed with their pings and karma. Right-click a player to mute them, copy their Steam ID, or visit their Steam profile. Left-clicking on a player allows you to give them a tag, which disappears after the round ends. Tags are as follows: KOS, Suspect, Avoid, Friend, and Missing. Giving players tags makes keeping track of everyone's status easier.

Pressing C brings up the Buy Menu (only if you are a Traitor or a Detective) where role credits can be spent. Various special Traitor/Detective items may be purchased. Be careful, though, as holding most items from the menu are grounds for being killed.

Pressing F1 brings up the settings menu. From here, various settings may be changed and customized to your preferences.

Items and the Inventory

Obtaining Items

As you play, various currencies may be found around the map. Most of these currencies can be used on weapons in order to influence their Modifiers, which impact different aspects of how a gun performs. Doing well during rounds will control the number of currencies that spawn. You can view the currency tab in the inventory for a better understanding of their usage and what to look out for.

When a round ends, there is a chance to drop an Crate0.png End-round Crate which can then be opened to obtain a weapon. Unneeded weapons may be turned into shards to use in Crafting by moving it over the garbage can while holding left-click. Base weapons can be a variety of different rarities. Various Quests may also be completed in order to obtain weapons.

Divine Market

Main Article: Divine Market.

Divine Market is a feature that can be accessed through the player's inventory. Here, players may buy and sell items in a global market called the Marketplace, purchase items in the Stardust Shop, and exchange Stardust.png Stardust for other currencies.

Weapons and Modification


Main Article: Modifiers.

Modifiers are various attributes that impact what weapons do in a positive or a negative way. There are several tiers of modifiers, with Tier I being the best, Tier II the second best, etc. The number of modifiers that can be applied to a single weapon depends on its Rarity, with some having a greater number than others. Some weapon rarities also restrict certain types of modifiers or increase the chance of getting a specific type of modifier.

Prefix modifiers are represented as bars and are base stat improvements.

Suffix modifiers are represented as text and typically add small abilities.


Main Article: Constellations.

Constellations are properties of Weapons that can be unlocked by right-clicking on any weapon and clicking "Open Constellations." In order to unlock Constellations on a weapon, 250 Stardust.png Stardust must be spent. Two Constellations and a central constellation may be unlocked on each weapon. Primary Constellations completely changes how a weapon performs, while secondary Constellations affect Pluto-specific things; for example, Currency spawns.


Main Article: Rarity.

Every single weapon has a Rarity. Rarity determines how many modifiers a weapon can roll and what types of modifiers a weapon can roll.

Rarity Mods Info Notes
Unique 0 N/A Only applied to very rare Uniques.
Junk 2 N/A N/A
Promised 2 Has a high sacrifice rate in Crafting. N/A
Easter 2 N/A Exclusive to weapons from Crate3 norm.png Consumed Pink Egg and some weapons from Crate3.pngPink Egg.
Vintage 3 N/A N/A
Powerful 3 Rolls better Damage modifiers, rolls Damage modifiers 3x as often. N/A
Inevitable 3 Always rolls RPM I. Only obtainable from Hourly & Daily Quests.
Unusual 3 N/A Exclusive to some weapons from Crate3.png Pink Egg and the Star Chaser.
Festive 3 N/A Exclusive to weapons from Xmas2020.png Present (2020).
Common 4 N/A N/A
Uncommon 4 Rolls Speed modifiers 2x as often. N/A
Stable 4 Never rolls Damage over Time modifiers. N/A
Gamer 4 N/A Given to players who help with weapon testing.
Mystical 5 N/A N/A
Shadowy 5 Rolls Damage over Time modifiers 3x as often. N/A
Confused 6 Always roll the lowest tier possible, rolls Damage, Speed, and RPM modifiers 3x as often. Meant to be used as a crafting material.
Other-Worldly 6 Rolls Damage over Time modifiers 2x as often. N/A


Main Article: Quests.

Quests may be completed for a variety of different rewards. The higher-tier the quest, the better the reward. For most quests, there is a range of times that something must be done in order to complete it. 

There are four types of quests: Hourlies, Dailies, Weeklies, Unique. Unique quests are relating to Events, so most of the time you will not have one.


  • As a new player, your best course of action to obtain good items would be to complete many quests.
  • Hold on to all of your various currencies. There may come a time where you need them.
  • If a rare currency spawns, it may be best to focus all attention on trying to find it.
  • Do not use an Tome.png Arizor's Tome on a weapon that you like using. It has the potential to completely ruin it.
  • You can get more inventory space by using a Coin.png Coin.
  • Find weapons that fit your playstyle. There is no "best" weapon, it is all personal preference.
  • Get a weapon price-checked in the #trading channel of the Discord server before selling if you are unsure of how much it can go for.
  • Leaving unwanted items in the buffer tab of the inventory will cause them to be automatically destroyed.
  • Use player tags in order to keep track of players who have been KOSsed and players who are proven innocent.
  • Don't shoot people for no reason, you need evidence in order to detect who the traitors are.

More Information

For more advanced information, please check out the articles listed below.

  • Guide:Crafting 101 - This is the introductory crafting guide. It contains a detailed explanation of how crafting works.
  • Game Features - A list of game features that would be helpful to understand.