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Crafting is a feature that can be accessed through the player's inventory in order to create Weapons.

In order to craft, you must first obtain three Tier Shards.

Tier Shards

Moving a weapon into the garbage at the bottom of your inventory results in there being an 80% chance of receiving a Tier Shard. Tier Shards are dependent on the rarity of the weapon that was deconstructed.

Due to the fact that the weapon's stats are dependent on what tier shards are used, it is not recommended that shards with two to three modifiers are used, as using them may result in a low-tier weapon craft. 

It is important that the stats of a Tier Shard be examined before use.

Adding Currency

Main article: Currency.

Currency may also be added to the crafting menu. Most currencies add a different Implicit to crafted guns, which changes aspects of the weapon's modifiers. There is not a 100% chance of receiving a specific implicit by adding a single currency, so adding more than one allows for a higher chance of it being applied to your crafted weapon.

The maximum amount of a single currency that may be added is 10, and the maximum percentage of receiving its implicit is 95%. Different currencies have a different bases and further percentages. For example, a Coin.pngCoin will have a base percentage of 50%, and every Coin added afterward will increase the chance by 10%.

Implicit Craft With Effect
Coined Coin.png Coin Gives 13% more currency rewards per maximum modifier.
Diced Dice.png Reflective Die Rolls better numbers on modifiers.
Dropletted Tear.png Magical Droplet Droplets can roll all modifiers
Handed Hand.png Yaari's Taking Modifiers roll one tier lower 50% of the time
Hearted Heart.png Mara's Heart Has an extra affix slot.
Tomed Tome.png Arizor's Tome Allows the gun to be tomed without there being a 100% chance of being corrupted.


In the four slots on the left and right of the crafting menu, weapons may be sacrificed. Sacrificing a weapon increases the chances of crafting a gun of the same type. For example, a Shadowy P90 was sacrificed, there would be a higher chance of crafting a P90. Adding another P90 would further increase your chances, and so on. Adding several of the same weapons will cause the percentage to increase at a greater pace than normal.


Each Rarity has its own sacrifice chance. Typically rarer weapons have a higher sacrifice chance; however, this is not always the case. 95% is the maximum percentage of receiving a specific gun.

If a rarity is excluded, it has no sacrifice chance.

Rarity Rate
Junk 0.03%
Promised 95.00%
Vintage 0.07%
Powerful 2.00%
Inevitable 20.00%
Unusual 30.00%
Festive 30.00%
Common 0.04%
Uncommon 2.00%
Stable 2.86%
Legendary 20.00%
Mystical 20.00%
Shadowy 26.67%
Confused 20.00%
Other-Worldly 40.00%

More Information

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