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Events are temporary in-game occurrences. Some events occur randomly during rounds, while others occur at a specific time of year. While active, an event may offer exclusive Currency and other items, unobtainable elsewhere.

Round Events List

Event Name Players Needed Type Cost
Chance Dice 3 or more Mini 1
Dasher 4 or more Mini 1
Equipment Overflow 1 or more Mini 1
Droplet Rain 3 or more Mini 1
Intel Leak 4 or more Mini 1
Leg Day 1 - 10 Mini 1
Operation JUGG 1 or more Mini 1
Press Your Luck 4 or more Mini 1
Panic 1 or more Mini 1
Rise, Dead 4 - 10 Mini 1
Saber Round 1 - 10 Mini 1
Shooting Stars 3 or more Mini 1
TTVillage 8 or more Mini 1
Black Market Brawl 4 or more Random 3
Boomer Time 6 or more Random 3
Hit List 6 or more Random 3
Hotshot 4 or more Random 3
Infection 4 or more Random 3
King of the Quill 6 or more Random 3
Phantom Fight 6 or more Random 3
Tri-Fight 9 or more Random 3
Operation Cheer 8 or more Event 5
Monke Mania 6 or more Event 5

Mini Rounds

Mini rounds can start at start of any round and are relatively common. During them, the general gameplay is not changed. Spending 1 Ticket small.png Round Ticket also starts a random round.

Chancedice.png Chance Dice spawn around the map. Picking one up may apply any of the following effects:

One player becomes the Dasher and steal everyone's Model, turning everyone into the same model as the Dasher. The Dasher's maximum health, movement speed, and jump height are increased. If the Dasher is killed, everyone returns to their normal models.

Every player is given one random piece of traitor equipment.

Tear.png Magical Droplets fall from the sky. In addition, Green Droplet.png Acidic Droplets and Purple Droplet.png Plutonic Droplets will rarely fall.

When a traitor item is purchased, there is a chance for any of the following messages to appear:


Each jump slightly increases jump height.

Each player's health is increased by 300%.

Click the button on the screen for a chance to obtain three Plutonicvial1.png Refinium Vials. There is also a high chance of dying when the button is pressed.

Movement speed increases as damage is taken.

When a player is killed, they are resurrected as a zombie with nothing but fists.

Lightsabers spawn around the map.

Stardust.png Stardust falls from the sky and deals a small amount of damage when touched.

Players are given a variety of different roles. The different roles are:


Innocent Roles

  • Buddy - Both Buddies can see each others' role.
  • Coward - Spawns with Body Armor and a Wink.
  • Deputy - Detectives can see this role.
  • Descendant - Spawns with a Role Scanner that does not work on the Yaari Spy and needs to charge.
  • Listener - Listen when players die to be informed.
  • Private Investigator - Has a Radar and a scanner.
  • Redeemer - Receives a powerup if all other Innocents die.
  • Silent Seer - All roles are revealed but chat is disabled and you only spawn with fists.
  • Soulbound Green - If the player with the Soulbound Red role dies, they die too.
  • True Innocent - All players can see the True Innocent's role.

Traitor Roles

  • Assassin - Deal more damage to players with the Detective/Deputy role, but deal less damage to players with any other role.
  • Destroyer - Receives a powerup 30 seconds into the round and has their role revealed.
  • Finisher - Receives a powerup if all other Traitors die.
  • Hoarder - Start with a few more Equipment Credits.
  • Sanguine Seer - All Innocent roles are revealed.
  • Shapeshifter - Kill other players to steal their Model.
  • Soulbound Red - If the player with the Soulbound Green role dies, they die too.
  • Yaari Spy - Can see the Descendant and is immune to their scanner.

Neutral Roles

  • Defector - Starts as an Innocent, but then changes into a Traitor after one minute.

Random Rounds

Random rounds are automatically queued once per day when the server hits 8 players. They are also started when a player finds a Ticket small.png Round Ticket on the map. Spending 3 Round Tickets also starts a random round. Rewards for random rounds are Plutonicvial1.png Refinium Vials unless specified otherwise. During random rounds, gameplay is completely changed.

Players are given a variety of Uniques and must fight to the death. The player with the most kills is declared the winner. Rewards are distributed based upon the number of kills each player gets.

Each player's health is increased to 1,000 and everyone is given an Explosive Crossbow with infinite ammo and an Incendiary Grenade. The last man standing wins.

Each player is given a target to assassinate. You can only damage your target and your assassin. There are three rounds, when there is one player left standing a new round begins.

If a target is successfully killed by their assassin, the assassin is given a point. If the target is killed by someone other than the assassin, nobody gets a point and the assassin is given a new target. Rewards are distributed based upon the number of successful assassinations.

Each player is given a Deagle and a Crowbar. Every hit is a one-shot kill.

Deagle kills are worth 3 points while Crowbar kills are worth 5 points. Dying results in a -1 penalty. Rewards are distributed based upon the number of points each player has when the round ends.

One player starts as a zombie with nothing but fists and everyone else starts as a survivor with their loadouts. The zombies' goal is to eliminate all of the survivors, while the survivors' goal is to survive for as long as possible. Rewards are distributed based upon how long each survivor lives. The survivor with the most zombie kills also gets a bonus reward.

A Golden Quill.

A Golden Quill spawns on the map that can be collected by any player. The player who collects it is declared King of the Quill and they have their HP increased to 250. While holding onto the quill, the leader gains 1 point per second. When the leader dies, the quill is dropped and can be picked up by another player. The player with the most points when the round ends is given a Quill.png Glass Quill.

Players are evenly split into two teams. Fully eleminate the opposing team to win. Dead players are able to communicate with the living. The team left standing at the end wins and each member of that team is given a reward.

Players are evenly split into three teams. Kill players on the other two teams to score points. The team with the most points at the end wins and each member of that team is given a reward.

Event Rounds

Event rounds can only be started by spending 5 Ticket small.png Round Tickets. Like random rounds, gameplay is completely changed during them. Each event round has different rewards. All event rounds are recycled from old game events.

Main Page: Operation Cheer.

Operation Cheer is an Event Round added as part of 2020's Christmas update. When a toy spawns and is picked up, the event will begin on the following round.

Every player will have a toy assigned for them to collect and deliver to a specific player. Delivering a toy successfully raises the Cheer Meter, which provides rewards to everyone on depending on how well players perform. When a player picks up a toy that is not assigned to them, it will disappear and respawn at a different point on the map.

There were also two Quests which involved Operation Cheer.

Rewards: Xmas2020.png Present (2020)s.

Main Page: Monke Mania.

Monke Mania is an Event Round that was started by picking up a Banna.pngBanna Currency that does not enter the player's inventory

On the following round, every player will have the Chimpanzee Model equipped and be given a Chimp Stick. Bannas will spawn around the map which can be collected in order to win the round. Killing other players rewards you with 25% of the killed player's Bannas. Hitting another player who has 7 or more Bannas steals one Banna. Every Banna collected increases movement speed and heals you by 10 hp. Not moving for extended periods of time causes bleed damage.

The Banna Boss is the player who has the most Bannas. Every other player can see the Monke Boss through walls and it is recommended to target them for the best rewards.

Rewards: Brainicon2.png Brain Eggs.


Discontinued Rounds

These rounds can no longer be played.

Main Page: Children v.s. Bunnies.

Children v.s. Bunnies was an Easter Event round. It was started by picking up a Crate3 norm.png Consumed Pink Egg.

Some players become Children and others become Bunnies. If the Bunnies lose all of their lives or all Crate3.png Pink Eggs are picked up, the round ends.

Annual Events

Month Event(s)
April April Fools


May May the Fourth
October Halloween
December Christmas