Divine Market is a feature that can be accessed through the Inventory. Here, players may buy and sell items in the Marketplace or purchase items in the Stardust Shop and Blackmarket.

The Marketplace is a part of the Divine Market where players may list items to sell for Stardust.png Stardust.

An item cannot be listed for any less than 16 Stardust. Listing an item takes a tax of 10 + 7.5% up to a maximum of 200 Stardust.png Stardust.

  • For example, if an item were to be listed at the price of 100 Stardust.png Stardust, a tax of 17.5 (18) Stardust.png Stardust would be required. This is to prevent the Marketplace from getting filled with useless items.

To list an item, right-click on it then set the price.

Your Items

All items currently listed by the player are displayed here. To reclaim an item, click on it then click "Reclaim from auction house."

The Blackmarket is a part of the Divine Market containing a variety of high-value, rare items that can be exchanged for Plutonicvial1.png Refinium Vial

There are always three unlimited stock items, as well as four specials which reset every 24 hours. Only one of each special item can be purchased before the stock is exhausted.

Unlimited Stock

Item Price
Developer Bag 195 Plutonicvial1.png
Random 5+ mod tier shard. 60 Plutonicvial1.png
Random Emoji 5 Plutonicvial1.png


Item Rarity Price
AWP Elven Ranger Legendary 500 Plutonicvial1.png
Cardboard Box Unique 450 Plutonicvial1.png
Chronobreaker Legendary 435 Plutonicvial1.png
Dual Rainbow Lightsaber Unique 498 Plutonicvial1.png
Golden Deagle Unique 520 Plutonicvial1.png
NES Zapper Legendary 455 Plutonicvial1.png
Rainbow Lightsaber Unique 350 Plutonicvial1.png
Raygun Legendary 475 Plutonicvial1.png
Sacred Strike Legendary 415 Plutonicvial1.png
Vitality's End Unique 335 Plutonicvial1.png
Vitality's Offer Legendary 335 Plutonicvial1.png
Vitality's Wager Legendary 355 Plutonicvial1.png

A variety of items may be purchased for Stardust.png Stardust in the Stardust Exchange.

Items only stay for 5 hours before they swap out with another. Buying an item lowers the time limit by 1 hour.

Purchasable Items

Item Minimum Maximum
Confused Shard Stardust.png 600 Stardust.png 800
Mystical Weapon with Star Seeker. Stardust.png 2300 Stardust.png 2800
Other-Worldly Shard. Stardust.png 800 Stardust.png 1500
Promised Weapon Stardust.png 800 Stardust.png 1200
Unusual Star Chaser Stardust.png 23000 Stardust.png 28000
Unique Star Hunter Stardust.png 23000 Stardust.png 28000

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The Currency Exchange is where players may exchange Stardust for a variety of different Currencies.

Each map, two special currencies can be exchanged for Stardust. There is a limited supply of them, so purchase them before others do.


Currency Cost
Green Droplet.png Acidic Droplet Stardust.png 75
Tome.png Arizor's Tome Stardust.png 90
Coin.png Coin Stardust.png 6000
Quill.png Glass Quill Stardust.png 9000
Tear.png Magical Droplet Stardust.png 2
Heart.png Mara's Heart Stardust.png 250
Purple Droplet.png Plutonic Droplet Stardust.png 100
Dice.png Reflective Die Stardust.png 4
Hand.png Yaari's Taking Stardust.png 5


Currency Minimum Maximum
Brainicon2.png Brain Egg Stardust.png 375 Stardust.png 410
Crate3 norm.png Consumed Pink Egg Stardust.png 265 Stardust.png 290
Mirror.png Mara's Mirror Stardust.png 19500 Stardust.png 22000
Crate3.png Pink Egg Stardust.png 265 Stardust.png 290
Present.png Present (2019) Stardust.png 375 Stardust.png 410