Pluto's Currency system involves a variety of different items that may appear at the beginning of every round. Currencies will not despawn until three rounds have passed. Getting rightful kills causes more currencies to spawn the following round.

Each currency item does something different, each affecting a weapon's Modifiers or doing something unique.

Currencies may be used in Crafting to add extra effects to a crafted weapon.

- Currency Usage
Green Droplet.png Acidic Droplet Rerolls prefix modifiers on an item.
Tome.png Arizor's Tome Corrupts an item randomly.
Quill.png Glass Quill Sets an item's nickname.
Tear.png Magical Droplet Removes all modifiers and rolls new ones.
Heart.png Mara's Heart Adds a random modifier.
Mirror.png Mara's Mirror Creates an unmodifiable, duplicate item.
Purple Droplet.png Plutonic Droplet Rerolls suffix modifiers on an item.
Dice.png Reflective Die Randomizes all of the rolls on modifiers.
Hand.png Yaari's Taking Removes a random modifier and enhances the tier of another.

- Currency Usage
Coin.png Coin Adds a page to the player's inventory.
Eye.png Eye N/A
Plutonicvial1.png Refinium Vial Currency in the Blackmarket.
Stardust.png Stardust Currency in the Divine Market.
Ticket small.png Round Ticket Exchanged to activate special rounds.

- Currency Usage
Crate0 new.png Blue Egg Contains a model or a unique weapon.
Brainicon2.png Brain Egg Contains a Halloween 2020 item.
Crate3 norm.png Consumed Pink Egg Contains an Easter Unique.
Potatoes.png Developer Bag Contains a developer-only model.
Crate0.png End-round Crate Contains an item.
Crate2.png Orange Egg Contains a model or a unique weapon.
Crate3.png Pink Egg Contains an Easter item.
Present.png Present (2019) Contains a 2019 Christmas item.
Xmas2020.png Present (2020) Contains a 2020 Christmas item.

- Currency Notes
Chancedice.png Chance Dice Collecting one applies a variety of different effects. Only spwns during the Chance Dice event.
Banna.png Banna Collecting one started the Monke Mania Event Round.
Blue toy.png Blue Toy
Green toy.png Green Toy
Red toy.png Red Toy
Yellow toy.png Yellow Toy